Manchester Cleaning Specialist 8 “Rule” Of Thumb


Manchester Cleaning Specialist- 8 Golden Rules

You are running your company and you are in a point where you have realised it is better to outsource your cleaning requirements, on this article you will find 8 principles you have to take into account before hiring a commercial cleaning contractor. As a business knowing these eight different “rules” will ensure you get the right commercial cleaning specialist

1. Cleaning contractor or In-house cleaner?

The general rule of thumb is to use a commercial cleaning contractor if you’ve over ten workers. If you’ve a decent in-house arrangement, then persist with it as long as you’ll be able to and assuming your in-house cleaner is extremely reliable, provides their own vacation cowl, and buys their own chemicals, they’re gold-dust!  

If, however, they’re unreliable and high maintenance, they’re most likely inflicting you additional work.

Bear in mind to your Health & Safety responsibilities towards COSHH, Risk Assessments and technique Statements. It’s sometimes better asking your neighbouring businesses to check if you’ll be able to piggyback on their cleaning arrangements, if you’ve 10+ workers, you should use a contractor.

2. How many cleaning hours per day?

Ensure you have the correct cleaning hours is important, however, it is never easy to decide the amount of hours you will need a cleaner at your premises, you have to ensure the cleaner does a quality job in a short period of time.  At Blonda Cleaning, we use two steps to come up with an accurate cleaning hours for the client.

First, we use the BICS productivity table, which outlines the average cleaning time of commercial properties, based on the table we can give the client an estimate of the cleaning time required at their premises, however it is crucial to outline, the time will undoubtedly be dependent on each customers individual requirements.

Our second approach to determine the cleaning hours is achieved through cleaners’ rotation in the first contractual month. Thus, will allow us to know the average time that is needed to clean the client’s building, which will result in providing the customer with a competitive price.

3. Number cleaning days per week

The number of cleaning days will certainly depend on the size of your company, based on our experience, we recommend the following, if your company has:

  • 1-5 workers – two days per week
  • 6-9 workers – three days per week
  • 10+ workers – five days per week

4. Must you cut back the cleaning specification?

Many companies feel they can save money and reduce the cleaning hours if they do some tasks themselves, notwithstanding that this is certainly true, you have to bear in mind if you are going to reduce the cleaning specifications you have to stay consistent with the cleaning, the last thing you need is to cut back on your cleaning cost and then end up with an untidy office. If you would like to decrease your cleaning prices, here are different things you can try to employ:

  • Use central bins, not bins at each table.
  • Vacuum Reception/Entrance, Meeting Rooms and status areas daily. All different areas vacuum weekly. Plenty of corporations are currently doing this.
  • If you’ve over fifteen workers, install a dishwasher. It’ll save labour time. If you’ve less than fifteen workers, ask you own workers to clean their own dishware.
  • Kitchens & Toilets require to be cleaned daily if attainable, however vacuuming, dusting, and different tasks will be motility.

At Blonda Cleaning, we try to take as much pressure from the clients’ shoulders, cutting costs can be truly beneficial to the bottom line, but will you be consistent with the cleaning?

 As a business owner/manager your focus should be running your company, when you outsource your cleaning to Blonda, we will ensure and do everything we can as a company to keep your office/building presentable at all times, which will not only create a clean environment for the staff but also making it presentable to the customers.

5. Out of hours or daytime?

Deciding whether the cleaning should take place during work time or out of hours is dependent on the size of your company and whether your operations will not be affected if the cleaning occur during daytime. If you are requesting cleaning services for a large, the ideally scenario would be to combine both daytime and out of hours cleaning. During out of hours a more personalised /deep cleaning can be done in office/building, since it is out of hours you don’t have to worry about your staff being distracted; and the during daytime the cleaning contractor can do light cleaning tasks which once again will not have an impact on your workers. In the contrast.

At Blonda Cleaning, we understand the need to be flexible in order to meet the customers’ requirements, our professional staff will not only carry out their work in the most efficient manner but they will do it with little disruption to your day to day business activities.

6. Should you cut back window cleaning frequency?

This depends on the type of business you are in, if you run a car showroom and if you are car dealership or in similar industry, then your windows ought to be immaculate at all times, however if you run a business where your windows do not play a major role in your business cleaning the outside of the windows at twice a month will do the job.

At Blonda Cleaning, we create a customized cleaning pack to the customer, we will not only take of its premises on the inside, with our comprehensive cleaning solutions customers can rest ensured our staff have the expertise to keep the exterior of the building clean at all times.

7. Search for clear evaluation

Always be clear on your cleaning cost, make sure the cleaning company is sending you invoices for their services. Always know what exactly you are paying for. As a business we are as a transparent as possible with our clients, with Blonda Cleaning, you will always know what you are paying.

8. Worth of a decent, long-run relationship

If you build a good relationship with a cleaning contractor persist with them, unless they’re too costly. Use the tendering method for benchmarking solely. Every time you alter contractors there’s perpetually a whole new adjustment process for both your employees and the contractor that need to take place, and a brand new relationship to be created with the management. .

At Blonda cleaning we work to build long term relationship with our clients, we try to create a positive operating culture for our workers where we promote respect and support as our core values. Our commitment to a positive office culture sets us apart from many cleaning companies, this results in low workers turnover which ensures that our customers relish consistent, high cleaning standards for the long run. Are you looking for commercial cleaning specialists in Manchester? Contact us for a Free Quote.

why shoud you hire us?

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